About Classes

My classes are designed for all skill levels from beginning to master. You may start anywhere you feel confident.

I supply all the materials and tools required for your class. All you need to bring is yourself. I do ask that you wear closed toe shoes and long pants to reduce the possibility of injury and please bring any snacks or drinks you might enjoy during the time you’re in class.

I have been teaching for seven years and find that I enjoy it immensely. It is amazing the talent that people can develop in a few weeks! 

I can also set up special “group” classes so, if you’d like to bring your girl scout troop, the guys from work or any other bunch of people (6 to 8 is perfect), just let me know via my contact form or call me at 605.595.0448.


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I offer classes and workshops for stained glass year round right here in the shop and I will work with you to schedule a time that’s convenient for you.

Most classes can be taken in either 2 or 3 sessions but I can accommodate longer classes if that’s your preference.

If you are interested in learning the process of making stained glass, give me a call at 605.595.0448 today or let me know on my contact page!