A small sample of my work

Sioux Falls Glassworks is celebrating our Two Year Anniversary!

I’m happy to invite you all in to see my new studio and glass supply shop, Sioux Falls Glassworks, located at 2000 W 42nd Street, in Suite D at the west end of the building.  I am one block east of Scheels in the Western Mall, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

I am also on FaceBook. Come and see some of my newest work there.

I currently have a nice selection of both fusing glass and stained glass. I am also stocking many stained glass tools and grinders. Although we are not offering fusing yet, I have some supplies for you. We will be expanding our inventory as life allows and I can also help you order any specialty item you need.

I will be having classes at all levels in both foil and lead. More about classes here. I have really enjoyed teaching classes in the past and look forward to having a full class schedule.

During my years as Dakota Stained  Glass’s Production Manager I made many beautiful pieces now all over Sioux Falls and the area and I look forward to serving both the local glass artists and the glass art buyers in my new shop, Sioux Falls Glassworks.


Onward and Upward From Here!

Welcome to

Sioux Falls' Newest Stained Glass Studio

After many years of being the sole stained glass craftsman at Dakota Stained Glass and with their relocation, I’ve decided to open my own shop. 

I will be doing restorations and repairs as well as custom windows and other stained and leaded glass art.

As I am able to expand, I will be adding fused glass projects and also hope to be expanding my skills in blown glass. Who knows where I will go from there?

I love working with glass as an art medium and I enjoy learning more about it every day. I also delight in sharing my knowledge with others. If you have an interest in glass, sign up for one of my classes today!

Come and see me!


Stained and Leaded Glass?

Stained glass adds value and ambiance to any building whether it is your church, business or home. Glass art is every changing, as the light changes, your beautiful stained glass does also. Art glass almost always appreciates in value.

Almost any design you desire, in any color you choose, can be made in stained glass windows or panels. Whether you need a specific size or have your own art that you want translated to glass, I can accommodate you. From traditional church windows to contemporary layered and fused glass I can produce it here in my studio in Sioux Falls, many times at a price much lower than you expect.

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