Brian Bethke - Owner of Sioux Falls Glassworks

Brian is a South Dakota native, being born in Sioux Falls and raised there and in Chancellor.

At a very early age, Brian exhibited artistic tendencies as he drew pictures of everything he saw. By age 8, he was wood burning gifts for his family. Soon after that, Brian moved on to helping his mother who was an etched glass artist in her shop. His first teaching assignment was instructing his younger brothers’ cub scout troop in glass etching.

Brian continued to dabble in many types of art but in 2007, while living in Kansas City, MO he became enamored with stained glass. After learning the basics, he returned to Sioux Falls to learn from Ken Bird, the master at Dakota Stained Glass where he became the production manager. He stayed on at Dakota for seven years even after the passing of Mr. Bird. 

In early 2020, Brian decided to open his own shop and now we have Sioux Falls Glassworks, an exciting new studio and retailer for the Sioux Empire.


Brian doesn’t spend all of his time at the shop as he has many other interests and skills. During the summer you’ll often see him flying about on his roller blades or tending his garden. He also has a great love of animals and walks Ben, his adorable Great Pyrenees-Portuguese Mastiff cross multiple times daily. 

Brian also spends time with his family as he has 3 brothers, multiple nieces and nephews, and his mother. He loves to travel and enjoys music, all types of art and life to the fullest.